Interface für Schamanen in Patch 3

Interface für Schamanen in Patch 3

it about time der Spruch von Tychus Finlay, den inzwischen wohl jeder StarCraft Fan kennt, dürfte gleich auch wohl den Schamanen Spielern über die Lippen gehen, wenn sie die folgende News zu Patch 3.2 lesen.

Mit dem nächsten grossen Content Patch werden sie nämlich endlich ein separates Totem Interface bekommen, das das Verwalten, (Um )Setzen und Entfernen der kraftspendenden Holzpflöcke deutlich vereinfachen soll. Das Parajumpers Damen Verkauf neue Interface wird sich wie die Spezialleisten für Krieger, Druiden Moncler Outlet usw. über der linken unteren Aktionsleiste befinden.

Blizzards Nethaera hat im US Forum bereits eine detaillierte Beschreibung dazu geliefert, die ihr euch hinter dem Newsumbruch durchlesen könnt. Während des Betatests für Patch 3.2, den wir in Kürze erwarten, kann es Canada Goose Womens Billig allerdings noch zu nderungen bis zum Patch Release kommen.

There comes a time in all shaman’s lives when they must learn to harness the power of nature and wield powerful totems. As they grow in power, so do the opportunities to use these instruments of healing, protection, and destruction. In the upcoming content patch, Call of the Crusade, the shaman Parajumpers Damen Billig will be able to quickly place totems of each element, aiding them in managing these powerful focuses of nature.

We wanted to provide some insight regarding the upcoming shaman specific interface addition, the Totem Bar. Shaman will be able to utilize this Moncler Jacken new bar to manage their fire, earth, water, and air totems in a more accessible and convenient way. This bar will appear on the left hand side above the standard toolbar, similar to warrior stances or druid forms. The bar contains space for four totems of the player’s choice, one of each element. Clicking the respective button will drop that totem. To the right of the four totems is a button for Totemic Parajumpers Long Bear Call, which we have renamed Call of Earth. To the left of the four totems is a new ability named Call of Fire which will drop all four totems on the bar at once. The mana cost is the same as if the shaman dropped all four of the totems one at a time. However, it takes but a single global cooldown.

Questing shaman will be able to quickly move their totems of choice forward, while a shaman in an instance, Arena, or Battleground will be able Parajumpers Outlet to replace their totems if they have to move or if the totems are destroyed.

Shamans will also be able Moncler Jacke Damen to customize their bar to set Call of Fire to drop less than four totems if they choose. Access to this functionality is made available at the same level as Call of Earth (currently level 30.) At higher levels, Shaman will gain two additional spells, Call of Air and Call of Water. These function exactly the same as Call of Fire, essentially giving the shaman three different sets of totems that can be placed at once. New key bindings will also be made available for all of these slots.

As with all new content under testing, we want to caution players that, as a new part of the interface, there may be additional changes during the period of the PTR until the release of the Call of the Crusade content patch. We look forward to constructive feedback once it is available for testing.